Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Let's go back to the baby rules

Ok, I gotta rant.... sorry! I think we need to visit the baby/pregnant rules again. Let's start with NO TOUCHIE!! Here's the story:
I'm standing in the hall having a conversation with our Infant Massage Therapist about a client and being very professional and interested in how our little client is doing. La' Di' Da..... La' Di' Da.... Bam! There's my boss in my face. It all happened so quickly I don't know how I could have stopped it! She stands right in the middle of us, wraps both of her hands around my belly, and starts going to town!! She looks up to the Massage Therapist and with a smirk "I just gotta touch it~!" No, no, no!! No friend, no you don't!! This woman has been my boss for maybe 4 months and we are not close, we don't gossip or share life stories..... we are not friend or anything close to it! NO TOUCHIE!! The thing is, I don't think she even saw the look I had on my face. If she did, she would have clearly noticed the look of bewilderment and absolute embarrassment and quickly withdrawn her hands before they caught fire! She smirks again at the therapist and just keeps on truckin' it down the hall!! And there I am standing with my mouth wide open in complete shock. Let me reiterate for you people... NOOOOO TOUCHIE!! I barely know you, you are not my friend, and you did not ask for permission! This is totally ok if you have followed the previous qualifications.

My co-worker, who got pregnant the day after I did, went to a meeting with school system representatives. We do this pretty often, so these people know us pretty well. There is this one lady we work with that absolutely none of us like, who is rude to us, and (even worse) is rude to our families. My co-worker got stopped by this lady who looks at her and says, "Are you pregnant again!!!?" Co-worker says, "Yes, we're having a little boy". "Mean ass" then says "You must be right be right towards the end of your pregnancy! How far along are you?" Co-worker answers, "Actually, only half-way through" (keep in mind, I think she is about the same size I am, I tend to feel that I'm more rotund than she is). "Mean Ass" then says "Only half way! You're HUGE!!!" ...... stop the bus..... DON'T EVER SAY THAT!!!! No matter if we're due tomorrow, due last week, or just finding out we're pregnant.... don't say it!!! If you ever want to comment on how we look, stick with the safe examples, "You look radiant" , "You look beautiful!", "You have that glow!", "You look so healthy and happy!" (and really, the "healthy" part is pushing it). DON'T EVER COMMENT ON HOW BIG WE ARE.....EVER (even if we do look rotund and completely big as a house)!! If you ever feel that your in doubt of what may shoot out of your mouth, just stay quiet. Play it safe and just shut it!

Thanks for listening
- Sara


hisgirlcridey said...

Hey sweetie! Congrats on finding out about having a cute little boy and also on your anniversary!:)

Even though I'm not pregnant and won't be for a while, I totally understand about the no touch rule. You might want to be careful about this entry, though, in case your boss is blog savvy. I would hate for you to get in trouble over it!!

Miss you lots! HC