Monday, June 9, 2008

GREAT weekend!

I had such a fantastic weekend! I went to the pool Friday with Katie, her hubbie, and their kids and just had a great time soaking and sunning. Saturday I loaded up my car with Kate, Nishelle, and Phillip and headed to Charlotte. My friend Kristi (in the pink) and her hubbie, Matt, moved to TN and were in town for her sister's graduation. Fortunately we were able to gather our crew from college and meet and catch up with everyone. It's still so weird sitting around looking at each other realizing that we are all active in careers now, Catie and Chris are getting married, we're having the first baby in our group of friends, some of us have been promoted within our jobs to different and better categories, and so on. There was about 12 of us sitting outside (in the ridiculous heat!) catching up on old times. It was just so fantastic and VERY MUCH NEEDED! It's really weird to be apart from everyone when we spent so many years together, leaning on each other as family since our own family was so far away. Great news though! Kristi and Matt are moving back to Charlotte! I cannot put into words how happy this makes me!
Sorry to make it short!! Gotta get back to work!!