Thursday, July 17, 2008


This is why I love flowers:

they make any ridiculously bland and awful office look 10x more homelike :) The smaller ones in the green vase are the wild flowers I planted this spring. They are growing so quickly and it's sometimes hard to manage them, but they are so pretty to look at!

Things are going well here. I've been busting my chops at work, so I haven't really had a chance to update the blog as much as I want to. I've been ridiculously tired lately. I heard it gets better as you get past the first trimester, but mine just seems to have quite the grip on me and hasn't let up. I started physical therapy last week because my back has been outrageous. It was weird b/c the therapist asked me if I've ever been told that I had scoliosis, and I hadn't, and she was surprised! Crazy right!~ She said that my spine had quite the curve to the left and it was contributing to my pain, along with my hips flexing more than they should. Evidently one leg is longer than the other too.... way to go gene pool! Let's just hope little Carter doesn't come out lopsided and twisted like his momma! Anway, she did exercises to correct my hips (which hurt like no other!!) and gave me a maternity belt to wear. It's quite the challenge to wear, especially in these hot months and having to be in the floor evaluating kids as much as I do at work. But, I gotta say, it's the been the best for my back. I can definitely tell a difference in my pain level when I don't wear it, or have to take it off. My back kinda feels like a limp noodle when I remove it because it's so used to the belt supporting it. But really, I don't know what I'd do without it. Here's a picture of it from an online store that sells them:

Yes, it's incredibly unattractive and reallllly makes your baby pooch protrude because it's being lifted, but I just can't rave enough about it how it helped me. I would definitely recommend it to any mommy to be!