Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Thank God I'm a country girl!"

Here's why I love being a southern girl:

You can go catch a fish, clean, and eat it, and completely relish in it... with no shame~!!! Phillip's dad caught Striper and sent some with us last time we were home. We finally got to cook it last night and it was soooooo good. We had potatoes and a fresh green pepper with it and I was in absolute hog heaven!

I got to work on the baby's room a little bit this weekend. I got the closet cleaned out and got to put the little bit of clothes for him that we have in there along with the awesome yard sale finds my mom has been coming across. I got totally freaked out because I realized how much we don't have for Carter. By this time I had hoped to fill his closet with clothes and diapers, but our financial situation is saying a big fat "no!" to that idea. Really, the stuff we have is hand me downs from our nephew that probably wont be the right season for the size they are. I'm suuuuuper stressed about it not being as well stocked as I want to be!! I'm looking forward to filling it up a little more this weekend after our baby shower..... I'M SO EXCITED!!!

Oh, and here's a little bitty sneak peak at Carter's first outfit :)