Friday, March 7, 2008

Slack Attack

I've been such a slacker lately! I haven't done the slightest thing creative or homemade since the blanket I made for MoMo. I'm not just talking about my sewing machine, I mean everything! The last meal I did was.... um... Monday? I made one kickin' meatloaf (go figure... me with all my sensory issues enjoyed a meatloaf!). You know, really digest the name of that meal. How could anyone be excited about a "loaf" of "meat". You all know I'm quiet the carnivor, but, a loaf of meat? E-gads! Moving on- I made fantastic mashed taters and little green peas for the side, but that's been about it. I've been out of town for an Autism Conference in Hickory, came back, and zap.... enters Misses Lazy Pants.
I feel so bad for Phillip lately. He's a pretty good cook, but he's been spoiled by me coming home and cooking everyday. And yesterday, poor guy... I had to work late and called him half way through my appointment (yes friends, I snuck out of the middle of my appointment with one of my families) to call him and growl over the phone about how ridiculously hungry I was and how I really really wanted dinner started before I got home. I'm such a beast! I got home in enough time to watch him darting around the kitchen so fast so not to anger the beast more that the greens were not done by the time I came in. It was all good though, we had dried up left overs of the loaf-o-meat with some banging Mac and Cheese. The beast subsided in time to catch up with a couple of epidsodes of "The Tudors" that I've DVR'd and the world was right. Too bad I went beast-mode again on him when his moving around and snoring woke me up after I went to bed early.
Anyway, I watched Lost last night, and it was un-eventful compared to the action packed episodes we've been having lately. Not really in the mood to re-cap, but I do have to say that they didn't show my boyfriend (AKA- Sawyer) very much last night and that's always a bummer. Gotta get back to work, but enjoy March's calendar picture! Much love!- Sara

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