Thursday, February 28, 2008

cupcakes make anyone smile!

So, you guys probably know already that I have a fascination with cupcakes. I'm trying to branch out and make my own flavors instead of making box cakes, and I'm trying to do a little more with the frosting and other toppings. So, I ran across this blog and I loooooooove it!! It makes me so happy when I read it! It always has the most creative and beautiful cupcakes I've ever seen! It also lead me to another site. It's a cupcake shop back towards home. I had no idea we had cupcake shops, but it makes me want to stop next time I head back towards Durham. It has such beautiful creations! Check it out, it's name is Cupcake Envy. Here's their website. There's also a place in Raleigh called Bittycakes, another in Durham called Artisan Cupcake , and a sight in Carboro called Cakewalk. They all look amazing but I believe, by far, Cupcake Envy takes the cake (wink* wink* get it??... "takes the cake") Nice~
I've been talking to Phillip about nursery stuff for a while and I think my top idea for a girl is to have a cupcake nursery. There's not much out there along that design but I think I could whip together a comforter for the crib with some kind of cupcake design on it. Maybe the actual comforter could be the icing part with little sprinkle designs, and the dust ruffle could be the bottom part of the cupcake... who knows... I'm sure I can dream up something :) If it's a boy, there's no doubt it's going to be an aviation themed room so he can be like his daddy :-p

Gotta run~! Have a great day! Feel free to drop off any ideas for the cupcake bed if you have any!! :)

Isn't this adorable!!! Ok, ok, I'm going a little overboard with the cupcakes..... I'LL STOP!!


Kev & Stef said...

Did you make the that shirt? If so girl you need to quit your job and start your own business. In fact if you made it I will be the first to buy from you. I love the shirt!

Kev & Stef said...

So McKenna turns one in July. I want you to make her cupcakes for her birthday party! Haha Think ladybugs :)

CB said...

Hi Sara, Thanks for stopping by my blgo! Just wanted to share some cupcake nursery ideas with you! I am also one of the contributing writers for All Things Cupcake and this was featured on our website a couple weeks ago. Let me know if it inspires you! Makes me almost wanna have kids... almost. haha

Future Envy of the PTA said...

Stef- I wish I was that creative! No, I actually found that online. I would love to have a machine that monogrammed though! I've actually seen some really cute baking pans for ladybugs. if I find them again I will send it to ya :)