Friday, February 1, 2008

Working hard for the money, so hard for it honey!

(this is a black-iron piece on my wall at my house, I looooove this iron material almost as much as I love my orange walls!!)

Working for the state can be a beast!! We get paid once a month, with a measly salary I may add, at the end of the month. I don't know what the deal is with the state, but they pay us December's pay check two weeks before December actually ends. So, we have to hold onto that paycheck for two weeks of December, and then into January, which has 5, count them... 5, weeks to cover. It would be so much easier if both of us weren't working for the state, but unfortunately that's not the case. So, Phillip and I have been scrounging up money in the couch cushions and anywhere else we can find it when the end of the month rolls around. Inevitably, something goes wrong within the time that you are extremely strapped for cash. For us, both of us need oil changes, my car needs new tires (mountain roads are a bitch on tires!), our dishwasher is fried (I refuse to go back to washing them by hand now that we have this luxury!!), I have a baby shower to plan (I'm farrrrrr to excited about this~!), and my nephew will soon be coming home from Vietnam after the adoption papers come through from our government. Talk about strapped! Sheesh!
I haven't been into any of my crafty stuff and cooking lately. I've been absolutely drained when I come home from work this week. My excitement level did go overboard last night though. I'm an absolute fan of the show "Lost". I hated it at first b/c it really freaked me out, so I didn't watch the first season fully. But since then I've totally been into it. Last night kinda started getting back into the freaky stuff. Can I just say quickly how much I looooooove Hurley!! He's soooo kind hearted and just an awesome character to love! And, he's really cute in a "big boy" kind of way. I'm into those boys though. I don't like anyone that I feel I could smooch and break in half. I'm not going to lie, Jack and Sawyer are quite the eye candy also... gggggrrrrrrr!~ The part where Hurley was looking in Jacob's window and te eyes pop up- HOLY CRAP! I jumped in my seat and give poor Gizzy quite the heart attack as she lay sleeping in my lap! The episode was awesome though, and I cannot wait for next week! Oh, and you guys could probably expect me to talk a good bit about reality tv shows on my blogs also. I'm very much addicted. I love the trashy ones like Rock of Love, Flava-Flave, I love New York, Celebrity Detox with Dr. Drew (a total hottie also... did you see those guns!!! Whew!~), and all kinds of other crazy crap. Anyway, I just had to sit through quite a non-sense computer training at work and I'm totally drained. Here's some pick-me-up pics:

This was our driveway with our first snow at our new house. The next picture is the view of the neighborhood.

These were dancers at the Mountain Heritage Festival down the road from our house in Dillsboro, North Carolina

These were options for Gizzy's halloween costume. Which do you prefer, the pig or the cow?