Friday, February 22, 2008


How can you not love this face?

Holy crap, thank the Lord it's Friday. I don't know if I could handle working another day this week.... DRAMA!~ So, last night "Lost" was on. Friends, this show just sucks me in!! I LOVE it! I have to say, that from the very beginning when we found out that Kate had a child, I didn't think it was Sawyers (if it was, this would be one b-e-a-utiful child!), or Jacks, I told my friends that I had my suspicions. We started counting in our heads the Oceanic 6 that we knew had been rescued. So, we have 1- Kate, 2- Jack, 3- Sayid (ggggrrr baby grrrr), 4- Hurley. So, we don't know who the other 2 were. So my guess was, Claire and her baby get on the ride out, because we all know the rule from Titanic so well- "Women and children first!!" Or something happened to Claire on the way home, or she wasn't able to get on because someone else was hurt and it was critical that they go home, so she sent her baby (oh-so-nobley) in hopes that she could follow later with a good life waiting for the baby. Who was right.... ME!!!!!~ (I say this in the form that Elle says on "Legally Blonde" when she finds out she made intern for the law firm.... "ME!!!!"~) I love it when I'm right. Let me boast a small bit ;) Anway, I have to address the fact that I hate "Freckles" #1- because my husband falls over himself when she comes on screen, & #2- for the fact that she looks much better without makeup than with. Holy crap! Lucky %$&*!! I love the fact that she has a soft side now, and is taking care of this baby.
Overall, last night was good, but so is any night that has a new episode of Lost. And, we made a crap load of sushi. It was all delicious and I hate that I didn't have a camera because it was AMAZING. Oh, and so was the eel sauce that my friend Richie made to go along with it..... YUMMY! It's a good thing that this crab meat was immitation crab meat, b/c I almost cleared a full container of it myself. This is before I realized that I can't have crab now that I'm pregnant because it's a "bottom feeder" (ggggggrrr!!!!). But, thank god, but also ewwwwwww!!, that this is imitation crab meat and is really made from some fish. Either way, I didn't really have a problem putting any of it back. It's funny because I always liked seafood, but I love it and crave it much more now that I can't have it. I'm one of those people though... tell me not to do something and I'll do it! Can't risk little bambino though. Really have to control myself now. He/she is totally worth it :)!!!!
Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday!!
P.S. - my night was even better b/c I heard from Kristi and she is just delightful! I miss her and Matt so much!