Tuesday, February 12, 2008

God is good!

Well, it's been quite a while since I have blogged and there is a very good reason for it! In my last blog I noted that I've been feeling crappy. I called the doctor and they couldn't get me in for four days (grrrrrrr!!!) and until that time I was out of the office and away from the internet b/c I was ridiculously sick. I could barely hold my head up, I was nauseas, couching from innards of my soul, my nose was a spicket, the list could go on and on!! I finally got to the doctor and she ruled that I had the flu. Boo hiss! I have never gotten a flu shot and whenever I considered it I always said to myself, "there's no reason to have the shot. I've never had the flu, and I don't want the shot to give me the flu." My body says, "Nay Nay!" It was an absolute revolt and attack against me... it was awful!! So, anyway, my glands are super swollen and the doc thinks I may have mono. So she sends me for blood testing. I call the next day to get results and she says all my tests have come back within normal limits and asks me if there is any reason I would be pregnant. My response is "YES!! We've been trying forever and the lady was supposed to do a pregnancy test when she took my blood!" So, the doctor says, "Good, because your pregnant!!" I'M PREGNANT!!!! I'M PREGNANT!! I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!! I still cannot believe it! Looks like we'll be expecting a little Halloween baby (at least I hope!!!) We have our first OB appointment set for tomorrow and hopefully we'll get a date then. I can't believe this! It feels like we've been trying forever and have been frustrated by it FOREVER! I just sat on the bed shaking and crying when she told me because it finally happened. So, I pulled myself together and went into town to find someway to break the news to Phillip. I found an "Expecting Daddy's" book and a cute little bib with an airplane on it that says "I love daddy". We had decided not to do Valentines, but I put it in a Valentine's bag and told him I found something really cool in town and he had to open it early. He opened it and said, "Does this mean something?" and I said yes. He asked "are you pregnant?" and I said "Yes!" Hugs and kisses follow of course :) We are just so happy and nervous about the whole thing and so are our parents. Both of them were just elated. My sister was a hoot. She screamed and cried and was sooooo excited! I loved it! Now my little Paisley baby has a playmate :) Needless to say, I didn't believe the blood test was accurate, or even mine, so I bought an at-home test.... IT WAS POSITIVE OF COURSE (but you can't tell in the picture!) Well, I gotta get back to work. Enjoy our pictures from the big day!


Anonymous said...

woooooooo! congratulations!!!! i am so happy for you!

sorry I haven't emailed you back -- life got crazy when we decided to move suddenly. i will go re-read it and email you back!