Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Hump Day!

So, last night we celebrated a dear friend's birthday. She looked lovely, the company was wonderful, just an all around perfect night for this lady to relax. I tried to make it extra special for my friend by baking cute little cupcakes. My oven's thoughts on this.... NOT SO MUCH. Friends, my ego is incredibly deflated at the moment. It is the first time I've EVER burned a cake or cupcake!!! It was awful! It smelled up my whole entire house and make me have the stench in my clothes while visiting also. I don't know why they burned. I followed my everything correctly. Hmmmphhhh.....!! Good thing someone else bought her a cake. It was much better than my burned little Betties. To top it off, this morning started off crazy too. Phillip and I have our laundry sorted in the floor right now, and at some point, I threw my coat on top of it and didn't realize it. I'm getting out of my car at work and realize that some scandalous underwear has snuck it's way to the velcro on my jacket and was along for the ride today. My Lord, I can't imagine how MORTIFIED I would have been if I had made it to work, or a clients house with my little friend dangling along side..... EEEEK!! Anyway, here are some high lites from my weekend:

Daddy hanging with Gizzy

Gizzy and Cheeks McGee

We are "fierce!"

Crazy head