Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend glory

I went home to visit my parents, sister, and neice this weekend. It was very much needed. I just get so homesick, especially now that Cheeks McGee is here and I'm pregnant. Cheeks, her momma, and I got to hang out a lot this weekend. It was wonderful! I can't believe how much that little one is growing. She's rolling from one end of the house to the other. We all headed out and got furniture for my mom's house. They've lived at our house since I was a baby and have had pretty much the same furniture all this time. I can't wait for mom to get everything in the house and together. They've made lots of changes and it all looks fantastic! Looking at all that furniture made me itch to paint and redecorate... I know, I know... we haven't even lived in our place or had our new furniture for a year yet! I'm just one of those people that could re-decorate and re-organize a room in a heart beat if I could afford it. I have an urge to put this beautiful green on the walls at my home that I saw in the Anthropologie catalog. They have the most beautiful green and white bedding set that has a matching green on the walls that is to die for!! I looooove it! I would also like to go with an aqua color at some point... you know, like the color of a Tiffany's box or Martha Stewart's logo? It's just so pretty!
Anyway, my chicken pie went well on Valentine's day. The crust was oh-so-not-professional looking in the slightest bit, but it sure was tasty. I think I did pretty good considering this was my first attempt with any kind of homemade crust. Phillip and I visited Old Salem in Winston Salem, NC with friends last summer and picked up a recipe book with a bunch of recipes from goods they sell on site. They have recipes like their sugar bread (AMAZZZZZING!!), Moravian cookies, and other good stuff. I'll put the picture up of the recipe card now, but will re-post it later just in case you can't read it.
Cooking the chicken:

the finished product: