Monday, February 4, 2008

"Someone's got a case of the Mondays!"

Yup, it's Monday. Woooo friggin hoo. I'm in NO mood today. I feel like absolute poopy. I shouldn't let that over shadow my weekend though. I had a wonderful time. I've gotten a lot closer to the girls at work and we went out this weekend. Went to Carrabba's and had the BEST dinner. Their special was the Seafood Damian.... holy moley folks! It was AMAZING!! I've had great seafood, but this definitely ranks toward the top of the list! It was a piece of beautifully seasoned salmon, lobster ravioli, and lightly breaded shrimp and scallops. You guys, I almost kissed the waiter it was so good! Not to mention the amazing pomegranate/cranberry drink that I had, yum! My friends, we'll call them C and K, were there and were an absolute hoot. They kept me rolling on the ground in laughter almost the whole night. Anyways, before the big night out I decided to surprise the girls with a treat. I made red-velvet cake balls for them. The girls said they turned out pretty good, but I really don't know if they were just being nice. Phillip wasn't so fond of the outer shell but it didn't stop him from tearing in to a few and just leaving the outer shell on the counter! :) Here are the pics and comments with it:

Here are the balls after they were frozen and getting their legs (sticks)

Here they are dipped. I had a hard time with my dipping chocolate and the fact that it got really thick and wanted to fall off while standing on the styrofoam, so I had to lay them on wax paper instead.

I ran out of pink, so I had to use some red that I had left over from Christmas treats:

All in all, I think it was a success. A tad bit messy that's for sure! I think I forgot to mention to you guys that I have some texture issues and had myself in quite a pickle when it came to mixing the icing into the cake with my hands.... oh man! It was just too much for me, LOL! Also, I tried to get a little experimental with the dipping. Since I only had four that had the red dipping I decided to see what it was like to dip the pink ones in the red in different ways. I tried it on the side... it looked terrible. But, I stopped after I dipped it quarter-ways across the top. Just picture it guys.... it looked like a woman's body part (if you know what I mean!) Wont ever do that again! See you on Tuesday!